Franken added — but will it matter?

July 16th, 2009

I’ve just added Al Franken to the site as the junior senator from Minnesota. I’d been waiting for the Sunlight Labs Legislator API to do the work for me, but after nine days I just decided to do the necessary data compilation myself.

A lot of people are wondering what it’s going to mean now that the Democrats officially have the 60 senators needed for cloture. Sixty isn’t a magic number; it’s going to take a serious amount of work on Harry Reid’s part to hold together a vastly diverse caucus. Franken’s seating is significant in the sense that every little bit helps — but it’s not going to mark a fundamental power shift.

It’s silly to predict anything further. In a few months’ time, the statistics on this site will tell the tale, so let’s sit back and see what happens.

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